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TRIV!! As promised here are some power bang pictures of us shredding up the school yard


Lizard Man Doing a Pole Straight legged grab

What a naffy taffy

Wow I really dont know what this is

An amazing half mellow out grab by the doc

Lizard man "Hangin' on for dear Life"

Pretty fancy hey

Group Grab

Closest is me. merlins dog then Barney Triviani the lizard man then the doc

Lizard Man doing his special the Rod Stewart

Really high up dude


A double handed Wussplant Performed by Lizard Man


Merlins Dog landing a 180 Iron Knee

What a hero

Barney Triviani On a Toe Tap


towAN Doing a climb up wimpy


Lizrad Man Bails


Merlins Dog doin all rolly rail wall grabber

IM good

Lizard Man wall rides

He is talentless

Barney Triviani Landing

Over the Long jump sand pit at school

Merlins Dog doing an All four dipper dripper

Well they are hard