Gnarly links, you futon you cruton!
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If you dont visit at least one of these wacko links then your are a giant cruton. Okay?


Merlins Dog was here ( I MADE IT )

Engines Search

Gnarly in a boring kind of way

All de web

Dude its ALL the web one little site. Just pay a visit. LIGHTNING

The worst sites there are....

The world?

Quite Honestly, terrible......dude?

Rubbish is bad. If thats true then this site is rubbish

Seriously crap stuff here. Prepare to die of prolonged exposure to severe boredom. ready.........1 2 3 click, oh, see, now your dead.

The best sites there are
The sister site to this one. Rad

Footskating. The Triv Crew. Its fantastic guys. Try it. Why not?

The GLC Boys

A truly gnarly band. Guns dont kill people...................


The best band at the moment, maybe ever. take a look at the site you futon you cruton!

Guitar Tabs

Get your favourite guitar tabs. gnarly.

iPods, everyone needs them

Dude? iPods. Just buy one, theyre magic. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Really rad games

Just go here. Make sure you play on sharuken assault under shoot em ups, best game EVER. BANG

Magic Hats

Nothing to do with magic hats.

Hundred Reasons

Another totally BANG band. visit them they rock...........


Check it out, listen again and do really neat stuff. LIGTNING