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Triv is the footskating crew im in. I am a co-founder along with The doctor, Barney Lizard Man and towAN. Heres a little about all of us (cheers to matt at )

  • The Doctor is one of the most gnarlyest, and experienced FootSk8ers in the crew. He pulls off the most dudey 900 mellow-out Grab, which is totally rad.
  • Docs sponsers are:
  • Es And
  • Barney is the master at half on, half off stalls. he can do it any where, and on any place. Usally he finsihes it off with a 720 twist, while jumping off.
  • Barneys sponsers are:
  • Quicksilver And Mr Kiplings Apple Pies
  • The Lizard Man is a very flexible, and extremly talentless of the triv crew. His gnarley special move is the Rod Stewart,which is a mix between a stall, and a twist.
  • Lizard mans sponsers are:
  • Hula hoops and Sainsburys
  • Merlins Dog is a really daring dude. Hes not afraid to do anything. From 360s over mud to stalling above drops of over 30cm!! He's a hardcore Footer. He wears his pants really low and I mean low. His shoes are really old and broken. What a dude.
  • Merlin's Dog's Sponsers are:
  • Sector Nine, Lightning Tyres, Crazy Craphead Fishing Rods and Incubus
  • The one Without a nickname ( T.O.W.A.N or TowAN) is one radical dude. Once he jumped of a rail when a teacher was watching! He can bust some pretty fancy moves and is a real show off. His best move is the foot grab 180 chair stomp kickflip. Got that? Hes damn good at landing perfectly and foor grabs in the air. LIGHTNING
  • TowANs sponsors are shortys spiral and

So we're the Triv crew.

  The History Of Triv

The Triv Crew started on a Monday. It was lunch after 2 periods of Art, we were bored so we started to run around. We then started to pull off some radical tricks, jumping over poles, grinding kerbs, airing the sandpit. It was awsome. The next day we found a plank of wood (actually it was being used as a ramp but who cares) we put this over a sand pit that because it had been raining was filled with murky water. Onto this ramp we did some dudeilishus stalls to airs (this is when the Half On Half Off to 180 Peg Leg was created by Barney) This was the real start off The Triv Crew. Since then we have been tearing it up all over the place, shreding anything and everything in our paths. We also have our very own special own triv bus, which is the big yellow bus. If your ever on it, sit on seat 50. its the dudiest seat ever, and has been the seat which has given us the gnarley inspireations to many of our tricks and ideas.

Gnarly High five with The doc Barney Triviani  Lizard man and towAN


  So footskate on

Or i'll throw rocks at you

towAN does a London bridge bomb over the DOC and Barnety Triviani


  Keep Checking For Photos of the Triv Crew

Im taking a digital camera to school as soon as possible so come back and check dudes.

Me. Merlins dog Doing a rad out stretch and jive