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Songs dude!!

If you need something to sing on a long bus journey or just randomly at home, or prehaps to annoy a certain teacher or arch enemy then these are the songs you need.

This is one of the most annoying

Merlin, Merlin, he's a really good wizard

Merlin, Merlin, he's a really good wizard

Repeat untill throat is dry and then repeat some more

  The Fat man song

Some of you might already know this one, its pretty basic. And it goes a little something like this.

Fatman Scoop, Crooklyn Clan

Fatman Scoop, Crooklyn Clan

And keep going untill you get murdered by the people around you


To the new teenage mutant ninja turtles theme

Turtles, watch out for shredder

Turtles, watch out for shredder.                                   

Also repeat for enhanced annoying affect

Footskating and the Triv crew

My voice is hurting, the song!!

Okay so you're gonna need at least two dudes for this but more is better. One of you will start of by saying: My voice is hurting. and then every one else joins in with the drum beat so it goes like this. Okay

My voice is hurting

boom chi boomboom chi

My voice is hurting

Boom chi boomboom chi

I like catfish

boom chi boomboom chi


aaaaaannnnnnnnnndd repeat

Remember the key to this one is to be creative during the drum beat make dj scratching noises and so on. LIGHTNING

Go here (dont) you stupid head

Anything by the shocking 90's band Steps should do the trick but try these

Tragedy  (awesomely annoying)

Okay I dont know any more but i'm sure you do so sing away..........dudes


Pokemon and Pirate song.........lets get funky


Lets get funky

(guitar riff lasting 3 beats)

With Pirates

(guitar riff)

And Pokemon






all those silly boring NAMES

allways seem to sound the SAME

do your silly funky MOVES

dont care if you win or LOSE

(riff for four beats)


rap a du rap a du rap a du rap rap

rap a du rap a du rap a du rap rap

rap a du rap a du rap a du rap rap DJ DJ DJ

(Verse 2)

Sailing through the seven SEAS

a mexican pirate said to ME

do you like my golden knee?


Whats that sposed to mean?


aaannnnnnnnnnnd again

Okay this one needs to be rapped so rap away. Willys

Another one that does the trick

Okay, so try this.

Everybody dance now

This one needs to be shouted at random intervals and danced to in a wierd annoying fashion