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Hello i'm Merlins Dog. The picture isn't me. I'm a person.  The Docs Site  towAN's Site   Barney Triviani's Site

Updates you fanny

The links work now..........dudes

No more updates you square 


Yeah, can i have an Ugly Mcnasty and a coke please

This would also be a great place to include any new information or changes that you have made to your site recently. Duhhhhhhh

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sing along

Merlin, Merlin he's a really good wizard

Merlin, Merlin he's a really good wizard.

My voice is hurting. More really gnarly songs on the custom page errrrrrrrr dude

Dont E-mail me!!

Some People


A Caption
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting. yes Incubus a stunningly good band
Dont E-mail me!!